Britney Spears Bringing The Sexy Back With Her Candies ADs?

Feb 19th, 2010

I have a weak spot for my Britney Spears. Home girl's been to Hell and back over the past couple of years---needless to say I'm totally on Team Brit Brit. A month ago I posted a pic of Britney's upcoming Candies AD---it was terrible. From the wig to the stance, she was a mess. But now with the release of the official shots, Brit's lookin' pretty damn good.

K-Fed eat your heart out. Pun intended. I thank God every week for putting him on the VH1 weight loss show---it's a gem.

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bearman2 on 02/20/2010 @ 22:43

This is not fare!So confused?Not sure if I want to ride the bike or her.She is looking great!Thanks for letting me visit your site.

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