Britney Spears Dating Her Agent, Jason Trawick

Jun 11th, 2009

Oh baby, baby! Let’s give a round of applause for Britney Spears finally picking up a decent boyfriend. Sure he works for her, but hey! It’s a step up from Kevin Federline. Actually, anything pretty much is—even, dare we say, Adnan Ghalib. During many recent several family outings with her boys, her agent Jason Trawick has been stringing along.

"They are totally and definitely dating. Her dad loves him. He's the best thing that happened to her," says a source. (source)

Of course he loves her. He gets $20K solely from her a month (we assume). We kid, we love you Brit! And our pop darling should be quite happy that daddy and the fam approves. But I guess when you’re paying papa thousands of dollars a month to be in charge of your wealth, anything goes. How all of our fathers are jealous and cringing when reading that figure.

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