Britney Spears Hangs By Pool AND Takes Care of Kids

Aug 17th, 2009

Miss Spears is the queen of bouncing back from bad publicity, so it was a given we’d find her being a “good mom” after Jayden and Preston’s swearing fest last week. C’mon, all kids swear like pirates, right? Right?

So in Brit-Brit’s attempt to appear like mother of the year, she chilled by a paparazzi-infested pool with the two cutest potty mouths you’ve ever seen. She toted them around, held their hands in the water and stared blankly at their floaties… Silly floatation devices. Who needs those when your head is full of enough air to keep everyone afloat?

But we will give it to you Britney. You’re looking mighty fabulous these days, even with the rat’s nest do. Anything is better than the crazed and shaved look.

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