Britney Spears Is Being Sued By A Former Nanny

Oct 07th, 2010

Man, everywhere we turn, there's someone coming out of the woodwork looking to make a buck off Britney Spears by suing her. First we had that bodyguard Fernando Flores (obviously that nowhere) and now we have a nanny, Ferial Zaltash, who claims she wasn't paid by the pop star.

Britney Spears is being sued by a former nanny who claims she's owed $35,202 for one month's work. Ferial Zaltash claims Britney hired her as a personal assistant and nanny to her children in September, 2007. Zaltash claims she resigned a month later.

For that month, Zaltash claims Spears owes $35,202 for nanny and personal services. The suit claims Zaltash made a demand for payment but Brit refused. Zaltash also wants $19,940 for penalties for unpaid wages and overtime.

Honestly that's like chump change for Brit. Cough it up chicky.

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