Britney Spears is Still in the Bahamas

May 22nd, 2009

Miss Britney Spears is still taking a break from her 'Cirque Du Soleil' Circus tour and is playing in the Bahamas with her two boys and that older dude she's still grinning all over. It's nice to see her rolling around in the sand with her kids because we all know her IQ level is about a toddlers so it's fitting.

On a serious note, she's looking a bit leathery with an orange tint to her skin. I'd suggest some SPF 100 because she's going to turn into a tall Oompa Loompa if she doesn't protect herself from the sun. At least she can save money on weekly spray tans unlike Donatella Versace, that woman is like a roasted pig. There's probably a setting on the machine that says 'roasted pig'. Mmmm bacony.

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