Britney Spears Looks, Dare I Say It? Hot!

Aug 07th, 2009

After admitting to spending $23,000 a month on a personal trainer, as well as nightly Circus Tour performances, it looks like Britney Spears is back, well, the sexy part (queue Justin Timberlake song here). A rigorous diet and workout regiment has actually helped tone, refine and revitalize the sinking pop queen.

The star signed up to a $22,000-a-month diet and exercise regime, [including] $10,000-a-month on a nutritionist and diet supplements,$8,000 on a personal trainer and $4,000 on a private dance choreographer. (source)

These hot white bikini photos of Britney only prove one thing, any pop star can rise from the ashes, well, except Michael Jackson (too soon?). Also, do celebrities get special copies of Us Magazine called ME Magazine, what is that all about?

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