Britney Spears Takes the Sexy Off-Stage

Jun 05th, 2009

Usually when you hang in Vegas, that’s where partying gets a little crazy. But for Britney Spears, London’s her Vegas. As her Circus tour kicked off in the UK Wednesday, the once bald headed pop star has hired naked acrobats, topless burlesque performers, and dancing dwarves to perform after each of her eight shows.

Brit must have received the partying itch quickly because minutes after she finishes her last song, Club Dad will open at the arena’s venue to give the media target a sexual and outrageous party.

By the time Britney arrives, the party is expected to be in full swing, and is likely to continue until the early hours of the morning.

A source said: "It's going to be crazy. Britney wanted to throw parties people will be talking about for years. I promise you, you've never seen anything so explicit in your life." (source)

Not that this surprises us since the girl wears next to nothing while performing in her sexiest tour to date. And with a rumoured $350K revamped bod, we’re sure no one minds seeing her seductive dancing, scantily clad attire, whips, blindfolds, and some risqué grind moves on her dancers. Her kids attended this show?

Britney has reportedly asked London's Dorchester Hotel for a room which has never been smoked in, several humidifiers, Marilyn Monroe DVDs, 100 watt light bulbs and a stripper pole.

She has also asked for fresh flowers, celebrity magazines, women's novels, tickets for West End theatre productions, a place to horse ride and a map of running routes around the nearby Hyde Park. (source)

Good to know we’re surviving on Ramen, but Britney’s got a room stocked with 100 Marilyn Monroe DVDs and a stripper pole. K-Fat what did you miss out on?

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