Britney Spears To Get Her Life Back From Poppa Spears?

Dec 10th, 2009

Will Britney Spears potentially get her life back? According to sources, seems like she might be! It's about time someone handed Daddy Spears back the apron and sent him packing to the kitchen. Okay, we don't know how sane she is, but home girl is 28.

Sources tells us lawyers and others connected with the case have been meeting ... evaluating Britney's progress with the goal of ending the conservatorship. As we first reported, Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, wanted to wait until her tour ended before making the big move, but it's something he wants for his daughter only when the time is right.

We know there have been several lengthy meetings recently between the lawyers and the court commissioner in the commissioner's chambers.

Jamie and the lawyers will not make the decision to end the conservatorship. They will weigh in, but the person with all the influence is the "capacity expert" -- a psychiatrist who was appointed by the court. The capacity expert will do a thorough evaluation and submit it to the commissioner. (source)

And with this, some of Britney's sanity may come back! Or for her kid's sakes.

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