Britney Spears Workout Video - From K-Fed to K-Thin

Oct 07th, 2008

Britney Spears will soon release a workout video to showcase her new body and to reveal her fitness secrets. While it could be useful, we're not quite sure how many people will actually turn to Britney Spears for life changing fitness tips. We've compiled a list of possible titles for Britney's new workout series, feel free to comment and leave your own suggestions.

The Britney Spears Fitness Collection:

  • Filthy to Wealthy in 20 Minutes a Day
  • How to Lose Your Career and Weight in 5 Easy Steps
  • 5 Minute Abs, Only $20,000 a Month
  • Dropping Those Extra Pounds - The Head Shave
  • Britney's Exerthighs - Chafing Away in Margaritaville
  • Britney's Leg Workout - Open and Close
  • From Cow to Wow!
  • Bald is the New Thin
  • Weight Loss for Britney Spears Dummies!
  • Britney's Meltdown - Burn Off Those Extra Calories
  • Britney Spears - From Fat to Phat

Other Popular Celebrity Fitness DVD's:

  • Lindsay Lohan's Secret Guide to Weight Loss: Eat Out, No Deliveries
  • Paris Hilton's Guide to Sticking Your Finger Down Your Throat in 3 Easy Steps
  • Tara and Paris Present: Lose Your Dignity, Weight Too!
  • Mischa Barton's - I Wouldn't Eat That if I Were You, Plan
  • Nicole Richie's - Sex off That Extra Weight

And now the singer reportedly wants to share her fitness secrets with the world by making her own workout disc.

Although representatives for the star insist a deal has yet to be signed, a spokesperson for her Jive/Zomba label tells U.S. newspaper the Chicago Sun-Times, "The idea makes perfect sense, given Britney is a singer who uses dance so much in her act." (source)

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