Brody Jenner Sucks In Bed...Or So Says Kristin Cavallari

Oct 02nd, 2009

We knew Brody Jenner sucked in life, but sucking in the bedroom is a blow to the ego. So leave it to fame whore Kristin Cavallari to confirm the obvious---that rich boy Brody is far from talented when it comes to sex.

According to E! News, the b*tchy vixen described her sex life with Brody as "very vanilla"...then she went further to explain that statement:

Listen up, boys. If you want to get close to Kristin Cavallari, you better not be boring in bed. Remember how The Hills' new queen bee said in the new trailer that sex with ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner was "very vanilla"? She explained that comment a little more last night at the Unite Unveiled party she hosted at Skybar.

"We just...didn't really do anything out of the box," she laughed. (source)

Brody you may have money in the bank (ah hem thanks to your rich fasher), but looks like you should put that money to good use and follow one of two options:

1) Pay Kristin Cavallari to shut up
2) Get some lessons...ASAP

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