Brooke Hogan Has A Breakdown, Concert Go-ers Ears Saved

Aug 25th, 2009

Brooke Hogan how do you spell D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C? Because sweetie that should be your middle name. Sure it sucks that your parents can't act like adults and have to date people who look like their children, but put it together girl. God knows you have the body of bulldozer to hold it together.

Luckily for a bunch of concert go-ers at PARTY 105's Mega Jam concert in New York this past Saturday, Brooke was pulled from the show after experiencing a stress/anxiety attack. Is it because they weren't going to allow lip-synching and tranny heels?

A rep for the Hogans told Tarts that "Brooke is better now, but she was sick for a couple of weeks and advised that she couldn’t travel or perform." The rep also claimed that Hulk wasn't scheduled to perform.

The beach-loving blonde recently took a shot at a second studio album entitled "Redemption" and with it exposed a number of very personal emotions.

"All of the drama with my family and me and my mom and the separation between us and all that crazy stuff, I actually wrote about that," Hogan recently told Tarts. "I actually have a song called ‘Dear Mom’ and it's about the trials and tribulations with my mom, the battles with the press - and I'm in love, so I wrote about that and just everything that I've been through." (source)

Boo, freaking, hoo.

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Pantykin on 08/26/2009 @ 13:54

So nice to see she is following the family tradition of being F-A-K-E. It was our family tradition to switch off MTV when her ME-ME-ME fat scanky ass was on it.

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