Brooke Hogan Induces Years of Therapy, Gag Reflex

Mar 25th, 2009

There are two words in the English dictionary that should never end up on the same page, Web site, press release, etc. Brooke Hogan and stripper pole. Ok, four words. Now don't get me wrong, the site of a young blonde celebrity stripping down and doing a little dance across upon a slippery metal pole usually would bring a twinkle to my eye. Unless of course, that blonde is an overweight, useless celebrity with a last name ending in ogan. Get off the pole!

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redkamel on 05/26/2009 @ 16:39

don't understand why so many people trash her body/looks. not everyone is a size 2 heroin skank like kate moss, etc... personally like someone with an ass that you can hold onto while do the nasty. she is intimating due to her height/size, but i sure wouldn't turn down the chance to nail her. don't think most hetero males would kick her out of bed either!!!

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