Brooklyn Decker Is Seriously Perfect

Sep 16th, 2010

Every day, many women wish to be the specimen that is Brooklyn Decker. She's hot. Gorgeous face, stunning body avec curves, married to a hot tennis pro, and a seemingly successful career. So all of these model morons who choose their runway models, can keep their stick figures.

Brooklyn Decker, the luscious blond wife of tennis champ Andy Roddick, knows she's not anorexic enough, or grungy enough, to be a runway model. "I have boobs. I'm very all-American," she tells Page Six Magazine, which is coming free with The Post Tuesday.

"I wasn't edgy. Plus, I'd walk in and be like, 'Hey guys!' with a big smile on my face. And they'd be like, 'You are not cool. You are too nice' . . . But funnily enough, the second I started accepting that this is who I am, I started working a ton."

You're practically perfect in every way to us, Brooklyn!

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