Carmen Electra Lookin' Sexy In A Bikini

Aug 27th, 2009

Carmen Electra. Two beautiful words that have made us melt for the past, well, decade-and-a-half. Sure most of us were barely ten-years-old in the 90s, but a face and body like that can’t escape a young mind. We’re not going to sit here and rip apart our gal in the following pictures because for 37-years-old, Carmen’s rocking it...we just wish her make-up artist was available.

Who are we kidding? We’d be the first to make fun of anyone at the beach in full make-up. We see the busted up home girls that run a muck at our local beaches in full make-up and that STILL doesn’t do much. So Car, we salute you for getting out there and showing the world why you’ve been paid so much for the past so and so years...body, body, and more body.

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