Carrie Underwood Forced Her Husband To Switch Hockey Teams

Feb 25th, 2011

Seems like Carrie Underwood wears the pants in this marriage. The reason why her professional hockey playing husband left his Ottawa Senators for the Nashville Predators? According to sources, the country singer pressured him to do so to save their marriage.

"Carrie said if they were going to make their marriage work and start a family, he had to come to her - no ifs, ands or buts about it," the insider said. "Mike really didn't want to leave the team, but what could he do? He had to choose between his team of more than a decade and Carrie. He chose Carrie."

But her hubby seemed to have mixed feelings about his trade in a video interview posted on the NHL's website. "It's hard, it's a bit of a shock [and it] still hasn't sunk in yet," Mike said in the video, adding: "I'm sure my wife won't be disappointed...I think it will be a great place for me and the family."

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