CAUGHT!: Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston Sharing A Kiss...Off Set

Aug 21st, 2009

Has Jennifer Aniston finally found love? Probably not, but we'll talk about her anyway. Looks like she's been hanging on to her The Bounty co-star Gerard Butler A Or says a source to

The source claims that between shooting a terrible fight scene on Wednesday, the co-stars were "lovey dovey"---securing that with a stolen kiss.

“We saw him give her a little kiss,” says the source who was onset during the scene at the Belmont Park race track parking lot. “They were very lovey-dovey.”

The source also confirmed that the two actors are often spotted in Aniston’s trailer and are flirty and affectionate even after the cameras stop rolling. “We watched them at one point start to hold hands, but she pulled back because she realized people were watching,” the source added.

On Thursday, their intimate moments took a silly turn as Aniston filmed a scene in which she was running away from horses: “Jen and Gerard were joking around and he started to feed her popcorn and peanuts. He was popping them in her mouth and she was laughing while eating. The director came over and said ‘What are you guys doing?’ and then joked ‘We’re doing peanuts in another scene, where did you get that?’ Jen said “Props” and the props guy put his hand up as if to say ‘guilty.’”

Aniston- who seems relaxed and happy on set- may have hit gold with Butler. According to the source, the fledgling relationship is “cool and sweet.”

“They look like they’re in the beginning phase of a relationship that’s really nice.” (source)

Our fingers are crossed for you, Jen. You could say he's a...CATCH.

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