Celine Dion is Pregnant at 41

Aug 19th, 2009

Celine Dion is pregnant! She’s due in May, and I already pity the still unformed fetus!

So, Dion is in her 40s, which is already on the sketchy scale for safe pregnancies, plus she’s already going against the odds with her poor baby-making abilities. (Her first child, Rene-Charles was conceived via in vitro fertilization, as is the new baby).

And on the chance the kid arrives next spring developmentally unscathed, I hope Baby Dion Angelil doesn’t mind missing out on normal daddy things, what with father Rene Angelil being 100 already. Okay, so he’s only 67, but that will still put him at 72 by the time his new child is five. So much for piggy back rides. And he might make it to high school graduation in a wheel chair, but college graduation might be a stretch, and grad school: No Way!

Now that I think about it, maybe the in vitro wasn’t because Celine couldn’t make a baby. Maybe she just didn’t want to do the deed with an old man!

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