Cheryl Cole And Nicole Scherzinger Feuding Over "X Factor"

Jun 03rd, 2011

Last week, Cheryl Cole was given the boot from the X Factor judges panel after producers thought her accent would be too thick for us Americans to understand. The job was then given to Nicole Scherzinger and let's just say, Cheryl ain't too happy about it.

'Cheryl calls her the "Pussycat Mole", but Nicole, 32, played her own game to replace Cheryl as a judge,' reveals Now's insider.

'She buttered up Paula Abdul, telling her she was a musical icon.

'Nic knows what Paula's like - shame she didn't warn Cheryl.'

Now has learnt Nicole was told she'd got the job last Monday, two days before Cheryl got the chop.

‘She was on a shoot,' says an eyewitness.

‘She burst into tears of joy.'

Okay girls just get in the mud and settle this!

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