Christina Aguilera Cheated On Her Soon To Be Ex Husband Jordan Bratman

Oct 15th, 2010

Woe is Christina Aguilera's marriage...because it's donezo! The pop star has filed for divorce from hubby Jordan Bratman and guess what? Little 'ol Xtina was surely getting hers while married. That's right, the singer was creepin' around with another dude while she had a ring on it.

According to the divorce docs, there is a prenup. The divorce petition asks that "Earnings and accumulations of [Aguilera] before marriage, during marriage and from and after the date of separation" be considered separate property. The petition also seeks to terminate Bratman's ability to get spousal support.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ the marriage fell apart after Aguilera allegedly cheated on Bratman. Aguilera's side refused comment.

Perhaps the best thing that can come of this is some comeback music because really, Christina's latest album was so bad, I resorted to William Hung's album.

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