Christina Aguilera To Celebrate Belated 30th Birthday On NYE

Dec 30th, 2010

A New Year is just what Christina Aguilera is looking forward to. The singer has plans to ring in the New Year by celebrating her 30th birthday, 12 days later. On Dec. 18th, Christina hit the milestone birthday, but felt it only right to go out with style.

"My actual birthday was in December and I turned 30! It was a big one - the next chapter of my life. I'm a Sagittarius. But, because I was working so much on the movie, I postponed my birthday party, so New Year's Eve is my big 30th birthday party," she said.

Rather than be worried about turning 30, the pop star insists she is pleased to leave her 20s behind her because she now knows so much about life going into a new decade.

"Being 30 is better than being 20, I'll tell you that. The lessons I've learned and how I've grown is incredible," she said.

Here's to a more successful romantic relationship in 2011, Xtina.

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