Christina Hendricks Is Not Dropping 35 Pounds Or Dieting

Oct 25th, 2010

A breath of fresh air = Christina Hendricks in Hollywood. While most actresses are starving themselves and basically telling women of the world it's what they should look like, Christina pops up on Mad Men every week showcasing her iconic curves. But, of course, a report circulated this week that the bodacious babe was considering dropping 35 lbs to "fit in" with Hollywood. She shot that rumor down.

Christina Hendricks fans can relax. Despite reports to the contrary, the curvaceous star isn’t going on a diet anytime soon. Fans of the “Mad Men” star were recently shocked to read a report from the UK’s Daily Mail that the voluptuous beauty wanted to drop 35 pounds to fit in better with Hollywood’s crop of svelte stars. According to the Mail’s report, Hendricks had cut out carbs and alcohol after getting sick of all the talk of her being the curviest woman in Hollywood. But the sexy star tells that she is “completely happy” with her body.

“I’m not dropping 35 pounds,” she said, as she was shocked to learn about the report.

We love you just the way you are!

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