Ciara Drops It Low

Dec 30th, 2009

Ciara is headed to Kazakhstan to do a New Year's performance.According to the YBF,

Her team has been tweeting lately about prepping for the big trip,after which, CiCi will be headed off to Moscow.

It's sad when your career has fallen off to the point where you have to travel across the world to get anyone to pay attention to you.

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Hater be gone on 12/30/2009 @ 20:18

Most celebs go international for the big bucks. And 2 million is more than this blogger makes in a day. Loser!

Hater be gone on 12/30/2009 @ 20:20

A lot of artists perform overseas. The real shame is ignorant bloggers being jealous of people making more money than them.

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