Club Lifts Ban On Lindsay Lohan! (Bad Move)

Oct 29th, 2009

Note to Justin Timberlake: if you want to cheat on your manfriend, Jessica Alba, you probably shouldn't do so in front of Lindsay Lohan is desperate for any kind of attention. If you remember, a few months ago Lindsay tweeted that she saw Justin gettin jiggy with another chick. Because of that, club Avenue decided to ban the train wreck.

The ban on Lindsay Lohan at Avenue has been lifted. Lohan was barred from the exclusive lounge after she tweeted about Justin Timberlake's dancing with a girl who wasn't Jessica Biel. Lohan was refused entry to the club despite her claim that her Twitter account had been hacked. But she was allowed back twice this week. A source said, "She besieged the management with calls and e-mails to let her back in, and she promised to be on her best behavior." (source)

Of course they'll let her back in. They were probably making half their profit from a girl who gets so stoned on LSD and coke that she throws hundreds on the table like its her job. Besieging (aka begging) to let a place let you back is just plain old sad.

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