Could Kate Beckinsale Be Catwoman?

Dec 30th, 2008

Kate Beckinsale sat down with MTV for an exclusive interview regarding her new movie Nothing But the Truth. Beckinsale revealed, if offered the role of Catwoman, she would be thrilled to become a part of the franchise. While much of this is speculation, seeing Kate Beckinsale in a skin tight, cat outfit would make us go, Meoooowww!

MTV: Specifically, I know you've talked about Wonder Woman a great deal, but is there a character you'd love to do? Catwoman in a Nolan-directed "Batman 3," for instance?

Beckinsale: Absolutely, that would be awesome. I'd love to do that. One of the things I've done wrong with my career is not have a massive game plan for it. I enjoy being surprised. I was very surprised to ever find myself even considered for an action movie. I'm like the literary, academic geek who's not very good at sports, so it was amazingly shocking that anyone would ever do that. I like to be surprised. (source)

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