Could Miranda Kerr Be Cheating on Orlando Bloom with Lukas Haas?

Sep 23rd, 2009

IfAccording to The New York Post she could be! Super hottie Miranda Kerr may have been jeepin' on long time boyfriend, Orlando Bloom with another actor, Lukas Haas. Or she could have simply been having dinner, but you know what that means in Hollywood...dinner with another girl/guy that isn't your norm = cheater!...

Miranda Kerr is still dating Orlando Bloom, they have a very understanding relationship. Spies at the Jane Hotel the other night saw the Victoria's Secret model dancing with actor Lukas Haas. One witness reports, "They were together the whole night . . . Jared Followill from Kings of Leon kept staring at them." A rep for Kerr did not return calls. (source)

And once the rep doesn't respond, you basically know what that means. She's up her clients arse looking for a response. We all know how this is going to "Miranda and Lukas have been friends for quite some time. They were simply dining together, catching up."


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