Courtney Love Is Dressing For Love

Jul 28th, 2010

After years and years of dressing for herself in what many would call too much faux pas (although we have to say when Courtney Love wants to look glam, she sure can), Courtney has decided to clean up her act. Taking to her Twitter this week, the star Tweeted she's going to start dressing classy and appealing. She even started a blog "What Courtney Wore Today" documenting her daily outfit choices.

She really has a point. Many women feel the struggle to keep up with the "fashions" that other women love. This led Courtney to wear outrageous runway fashions to impress her women, but she forgot that most of these outfits fail to catch the eys of men.

In a series of posts on her Twitter page, she writes, "At 46 now I know... that most of 'fashion is about dressing for your lady friends.' I used to think just because I can semi-shred (sic) on guitar and am a 'legend', I AM A WALKING APHRODISIAC! But then my methods began failing? That's just IMPOSSIBLE! It was because I was wearing crazy a**ed c**k blocking kooky, Haute Couture. Self made, it was a disaster!

"BUT I've reformed, cut all that crazy s**t out, stopped 'expressing myself' with Fuchsia eyeliner. Realized dudes dont CARE about crazy hats! And realized I actually CARE about what dudes think, not my fellow fashionistas."

Rock on Courtney! We love you the way you are, but know you're making the right choice for yourself. Just be yourself, love yourself, and know you have an army behind you!

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