Cover Your Ears: Paris Hilton's Working On New Music

Jul 30th, 2010

Yes, unfortunately the headline is true. She didn't kill us enough the first time around, she just had to go and make another CD. This explains that rich Malayasian dude. He's probably the one funding this future hot mess.

Paris Hilton is reviving her pop career with a new single - and is modelling herself on Kylie Minogue. The heiress, whose brief pop career flopped a few years ago, has recorded a single inspired by the pop princess, 42, and is releasing an album.

Paris, 28, said: "I've always loved Kylie Minogue. She's one of my favourite artists. I've been really inspired by her. I wanted my music to kind of emulate her. I love her sound and I love the way she is. I've finished recording my record. It's like dance or club music. The album's going to be out in a few months."


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