CRAZY ALERT: Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil Back Together

Sep 08th, 2009

If you thought Sid and Nancy were crazy together, meet Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil. After publicly beating one another, doing drugs every moment together, and then viciously divorcing...guess what? They've decided to give it a go again!

Despite being the worst people to date, the two were spotted on a romantic date on Friday---the first time they've been together in 14 months. Then this weekend, Amy snuck Blake through the back of her window.

Last night a close friend phoned me and said: "Amy had been secretly planning this meeting - but she told everyone she didn't want to see Blake.

"The date went well. They had dinner and drinks and then - without anyone else knowing - she invited him back to her place early Saturday morning." (source)

With the two officially being divorced last week, that must have sent some type of message to the two nutsos.

The friend went on: "They had a great night. Amy loved being in his company again.

"After everything they've been through, the pair both realise there's still something strong between them."

The singer later decided to ask Blake back to her place for, erm, coffee - but had to sneak him past her security first.

"Amy has two full-time security men at her house," said the friend.

"They were under strict instruction not to let Blake in.

"But Amy wasn't having any of it, so she got him in through a back window so they could have some private time together away from prying eyes.

"Blake spent part of the night in the house, we think in Amy's bedroom.

"She's being very secretive about it but we know he was there."

But the visit was shrouded in such secrecy that some of Amy mates thought Blake had BROKEN IN - and rushed around to see if she was okay.

Now Blake feels he is in a strong position to get back with the superstar for good - against the advice of close friends and family.

The pal added: "He wants to be with her, he's in love with her, he's convinced they're still meant to be together.

"Despite everything she's said about him over the last couple of weeks, deep down she feels the same way." (source)

We apologize for quoting basically the entire story, but this shizz is too good for us to commentate have to read this soap opera the way it is. Here's to more dramatics and stories for us to write about! How long do you think these two have until they go on a public punching spree???

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