Creepy Dad Alert: Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous Over Miley Cyrus's Boyfriend?

Oct 05th, 2009

Not that we couldn't smell the awkward father-daughter relationship between Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus miles away. Seems like daddy has a few concerns with Miley's new relationship. It turns out he may not be so keen on her The Last Song co-star and now BF, Liam Hemsworth.

What is it with Hollywood and dads? You have this guy, Joe Simpson, and Joe Jackson, not to mention God knows what else. Anywho, Chicago Sun Times reports:

While Miley Cyrus seems very smitten with Liam Hemsworth, her new beau and co-star in the upcoming "The Last Song," word has it her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has concerns.

At 18, the Aussie actor is closer in age to his 16-year-old girlfriend than was her 21-year-old ex, model and country singer Justin Gaston, but Billy Ray still is uneasy. A source close to the ''Hannah Montana'' star tells me the ''all-controlling'' Papa Cyrus is worried the young couple's relationship is ''going too far, too fast.''

All this has led to heated arguments between father and daughter ''and is causing a lot of conflict in the family,'' said the source. (source)

Daddy has some jealousy issues. Sure, if this was a regular family we'd say the girl's too young, but they let her leave the house in booty shirts and cleavage baring dresses so come on.

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