'Dancing With The Stars' 2010 Lineup Is Quite The Pop Culture Fanatic's Dream

Mar 02nd, 2010

My dreams of Brenda Walsh sashaying past Kate Gosselin's useless existence have come true. Never the fan of Dancing With The Stars, you can get bet your bottom dollar (Annie style) that yours truly will have her eyes glued to the TV screen for this upcoming season. So who's joining these two? Find out after the jump.

Shannen Doherty --- The impeccable Brenda Walsh who will seek her revenge against Kelly Taylor by putting her face on Kate Gosselin's mug...hopefully.
Kate Gosselin --- TV reality ho who cares more about her hair than kids
Pamela Anderson --- Siliconing and botoxing her way to the top, the only experience she has with dancing is that with a pole.
Evan Lysacek --- Men's skating Gold medal winner of this past Winter Olympics (even Johnny Weir's feminism couldn't stop this fool)
Niecy Nash --- Funny, big booty chick from Reno 911
Jake Pavelka --- The dude from the most recent Bachelor aka the guy who proposed to a ho
Aiden Turner --- Some dude from a Soap Opera
Erin Andrews --- ESPN correspondent who got the Peepin' Tom game played on her last year or something
Chad Ochocinco --- Bengals football player who acts like a hooligan every time he scores a touchdown...think Dennis Rodman of Fooseball
Nicole Scherzinger --- This skank who danced her way to fame with The Pussycat Dolls and basically outshone the other members...makes total sense this is a dancing competition for stars without experience and yet that's all home girl's good at

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