'Dancing With the Stars' Season 10, Episode 2: Kate Gosselin, Please Get Off The Stage

Mar 30th, 2010

Let's cut to the chase or rather, cut Kate Gosselin off of the stage. Regardless of the "drama" (because really her partner gave that when he decided to quit for five minutes) Gosselin is a total hot, stiff mess out on that dance floor. When a pill popping sex pot is able to keep in sync with her dance moves and you can barely pop a leg, you've got some issues.

My gal Shannen Doherty did better this week. SAFE.

Soap Opera dude Aiden Turner might be a pretty b!tch, but I can't handle the dancing. Bottom 3.

Bachelor clearly wants a piece of his partner, but she deemed them like brother and sister to make sure his new ho fiance didn't shoot her the death stare. SAFE.

Evan Lysawhatever obviously knows how to impersonate a good Danny Zuko and since he can bend and stretch like Stretch Armstrong, he's SAFE.

Buzz Aldrin, this is tough because although he's terrible on the dance floor (okay, he's 80 sue me) dude's a legend, but I'm going to say he's in the Bottom 3.

Marilyn Monroe's much skankier long lost cousin actually surprised me tonight and the main reason why she's staying is because everyone likes to watch a live hot mess. SAFE.

Nicole ScherImGonnaWinThisBecuaseIDanceForALivingZer totally has this crap in a bag if people vote for her. I don't buy the whole "this is hard for me" statement because home girl dances better than 80% of the professional dancers. Not to mention the judges (aside from the Brit) are up her izzarse and gave her the first 10's of the season.

Kate Gosselin. Hate her. BOTTOM 3. KICKED OFF. Please.

Chad Ochocinco...missed this one, but I know the judges hated it. I'm iffy on him. This could go either way...but I'll say in the bottom. Yes, I know that's four in the bottom 3, but deal with it.

Niecy Nash is pretty much the shizz and I'm all for her sticking around. SAFE.

Erin Andrews is also favored out of the bash because of her crazy long legs and that little Bruno guy wants to vacate in between for a good month. Good to know all you have to be is a reporter with a stalker to be deemed a celebrity. SAFE.

Check back on Wednesday to see who got kicked off!

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