Date Anne Hathaway for Cheap!

Dec 09th, 2008

Despite the ongoing recession, three hardcore Anne Hathaway fans were able to scrounge up nearly $12,000 dollars for the dream date. And you thought Elliot Spitzer's prostitute, Alexandra Dupre, was expensive.

How much does a date with Anne Hathaway cost? Oh, about $12,000, give or take.

That's the price three fans paid for drinks with the Rachel Getting Married actress at the Cracked X-mas Fundraiser in Los Angeles Sunday night.

"I'm not usually very forward, but I thought if there was ever a crowd for me to do something like this, this is my crowd so I would like to auction myself off," Hathaway announced, "for drinks somewhere fabulous and basically get you totally s--- faced. Tell me what I'm worth." (source)

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