Day of Dumping: Miley Cyrus Ditches Justin Gaston

Jun 10th, 2009

Looks like Justin Gaston no longer has to babysit Miley Cyrus. That must burn when your 16-year-old girlfriend dumps your 20-year-old douche self. At least he got to ride the free train for almost a year.

Ah, first heartbreak. According to Us Weekly the two called it quits after dating less than a year.

"They have been having trouble for a while," says the insider. "It's been hard for a long time since Miley has been working so much and traveling a lot."

Contrary to reports, Cyrus' ex Nick Jonas was not the reason for the split, although the two have been spending time together.

Added the source, "Miley and Nick are working on a couple different projects together. Justin has been a little jealous of that." (source)

Oh what a JoBro can do to ease the pain. Gosh, a 21-year-old threatened by a 16-year-old...doesn't get any better than that. Anyway, Miley hinted that the two broke up over the weekened by stating Gaston would not be accompanying her on the road as she shoots the upcoming Nicholas Sparks drama, The Last Song down in Georgia.

"He's got his own thing going on," Cyrus told Us. "But I am just continuing to work hard and definitely have the whole tour going on and my clothing line and the movie." (source)

Ugh, this means our ears will have to suffer with a break up song. Prepare your pillowcases.

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