Did Courteney Cox & David Arquette Have An Open Marriage Towards The End?

Oct 12th, 2010

Perhaps these two weren't cheating on one another, which would be a breath of fresh air considering it's life, Hollywood life at that. Reports are now surfacing that Courteney Cox-Arquette & David Arquette had an open marriage towards the end of it. While David went for a cheap trick named Jasmine Waltz who latches her name onto anything famous, Courteney was seen getting cozy with her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt.

Check out the pictures we put with the story today. Just hours after news broke, Courteney was seen sans her wedding ring.

Perez Hilton writes:

Here's what a source on the Cougar Town set had to say about it:

“Courteney and Brian were all over each at a wrap party in April and the talk on the set was that it was fine because she and David had an open marriage.”

Cox had been seen out with Van Holt several times during a period of a few weeks, and she even brought him to Malibu's Coral Beach Cantina…without David.

Here's what an eyewitness at the Cantina had to say about them:

“They were drinking beer and having chips and salsa in the back of the outdoor patio. They looked like they were holding hands at the side of their table.”

Here's hoping these two just have the right person on both their minds: their daughter Coco. Wishing them the best!

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