Did Reggie Bush Cheat On Kim Kardashian?

Jul 30th, 2009

We didn't believe for a minute that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush ended things friendly and quietly. In the world of celebrity (and in the real world for that matter), nothing ever goes down as swimmingly. So are we surprised that the Chicago Sun-Times is now reporting that Reggie Bush may have cheated on the big booty? Not a chance.

Reports are now claiming that while Kardashian has made it appear that she gave Reggie the boot, it was quite the opposite. Turns out he was tired of Kim's diva ways and her constant need for the spotlight..."and the whole super-phony Hollywood thing," says a Bush buddy.

Of course, only a week or so after gushing about her expectations to marry Bush and start a family, it also seems strange that Kardashian so suddenly told People magazine it had all ended because ''they couldn't spend much time together,'' given their schedules and careers in different cities.

But Bush had been cheating on Kardashian -- pretty openly -- ''something of a big joke between his friends,'' said the source. On top of all that, Kardashian discovered one of the ''other women'' in Bush's stable was about to sell her tale to one of the supermarket tabloids -- something Kardashian reportedly quashed. (source)

If you ask us, this split was far from friendly and quiet.

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