Did Russell Brand Pop The Question To Katy Perry?

Jan 05th, 2010

She might sing about kissing girls and liking it, but it seems as though she's only currently digging one dude. Quite the English Playboy to be exact. Shortly after the VMAs back in September, rumors were afloat that Katy and Russell were quite the item. Now rumor has it he's decided to ask Katy to marry him.

So maybe a Leopard can change its spots after all. Is Brand really ready to give up the bachelor life for a probably week long marriage to Perry? Who knows, but it looks like it's for realz.

According to the SF Chronicle:

Brand, who began dating Perry in September, sparked rumors he would settle down with the singer after he was photographed shopping for a diamond ring at a Cartier jewelry store earlier this month. According to Britain's Daily Mirror, the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star proposed during Perry's trip to his native Britain last week.

A source says, "He asked her to marry him last week and she quickly said yes. They don't know when the wedding will be but they are planning to make it in 2010 if the schedules can work. Russell is searching for a jewelry designer to create a ring in time for the New Year." (source)

Seriously, dating for three months in Hollywood is equivalent to dating for three years in regular life. Unfortunately, the outcome just doesn't last as long. Good luck, kids!

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