Did Sandra Bullock Know About Jesse James Cheating?

Apr 05th, 2010

Not that I'm surprised by this because call it a woman's intuition, but we usually have a hunch when our guy is cheating. I'm speaking from personal experience here. As it turns out, Sandra Bullock may have had hints about Jesse James and his infidelity issues before it all became public knowledge.

From the Chicago Sun Times:

Many readers have e-mailed and called, expressing doubt that Bullock was -- as has been widely reported -- completely unaware of her husband's alleged cheating. As it turns out, the actress apparently had some hints something was amiss -- but was so convinced by James' fervent denials that she was shocked when the truth hit her square in the face.

Something tells me when your hubby is bagging chicks like this Bombshell chick, you can smell the odor from miles away.

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