Dina Lohan Won't Attend Any Counseling At The Betty Ford Because She Thinks Michael Lohan Is Using Lindsay For Her Fame...Funny

Nov 18th, 2010

Pretty much the funniest thing we've heard all day. Dina Lohan will not attend any counseling sessions at Betty Ford if Michael Lohan is there because she thinks he is using this just to better his own career. Funny because that's what Dina does to her daughter every day.

Dina Lohan, vehemently opposed to a Michael-Lindsay reconnection, has refused to join in any counseling sessions at Betty Ford where he was present. "Dina just knows that Michael will always be out to just promote Michael," said a Dina pal Saturday. "She got even more suspicious when she heard Michael already was pitching a film project to Lindsay that he would help produce. ... This is just another way he's trying to capitalize on Lindsay's fame."

Oy vey.

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