Diors Praise for Natalie Portman!

Apr 10th, 2012

Diors Praise for Natalie Portman!

Dior had nothing but good things, really good things (perhaps over the top good things?) to say about Star Wars babe Natalie Portman after she attended a Dior dinner as guest of honour recently. No doubt the new mum made a massive impression on the high fashion brand and I have no doubt they will be asking her back.

An excerpt from Dior’s website write-up:

And then, suddenly, there she was. Natalie Portman and her décolleté, Natalie Portman and her bare shoulders, her intense regard, her Dior haute couture dress and her natural aura; Natalie Portman and her radiant smile, her features drawn from a 17th century portrait. And even here, with every invitee already a celebrity, her arrival provoked a wordless pause as the assembled crowd sat enthralled by her beauty. Natalie Portman, a star among stars.

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