Doug Reinhardt's New Girlfriend Is Way Hotter Than Paris Hilton

Jun 04th, 2010

*Note: that is not Paris Hilton in the quickie picture above. I just refuse to make a file for a girl who I don't consider a celebrity just yet.*

Doug Reinhardt really knew how to step up his game with his new pick up. Leaving Paris Hilton high and dry, Douggie's apparently dating Miss World USA aka Hottest Woman In America, Lane Lindell.

We've learned Doug has been spending "every night" for the past few weeks with Lane Lindell -- a beauty queen who's even getting a college education at the University of Georgia.

Although crowned in 2008, Ms. World seems light years ahead of Paris in the really, really, very, very, extremely, extremely hot department. How do douchers like Doug do it? Oh yeah, fame and money.

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