Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Confuse Rowboat for Bedroom

Aug 15th, 2009

Oh, to be in love and completely nonchalant/borderline indecent about it. Take exhibit A: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long playing tonsil hockey for their friends and the paparazzi to watch. Exhibit B: Barrymore straddling Long like a cowboy at the rodeo. And then there’s the flipping of the bird, saying “Hey, we’re in loooooooooove and will probably break up a few times after this to spice things up, but for now: F*** off!” Very classy.

Although we can excuse the PDA (old maids have to get publicity somehow), we can’t excuse confusing a rowboat for the bedroom. Had the make-out session gone on any longer, we would have had to bust out the video cameras because—duh—laws of the universe dictate celebrities are incapable of sex without hand-held cameras rolling.

And is it just us or are the couple’s friends crying for help? Or maybe that video camera?

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