'Elle' Lets Lindsay Lohan Off the Hook for Missing Jewels?

Jun 22nd, 2009

A little back story. Back in 2007 Lindsay Lohan was barred from working with Louis Vuitton after reportedly stealing clothing lent to her on a shoot with Elle magazine. We have no idea why the magazine had a change of heart, but this time around as we told you last week, Lindsay may have stolen $50K worth of jewelry from the most recent shoot with the mag.

So there you have it. Lindsay's guilty by previous actions. But, no. The heads over at Elle must have had a bowl of tumors this week because they don't think Lindsay is to blame. According to Lohan's rep:

"No one has contacted us yet, but Lindsay is happy to cooperate. She wants them to find the missing items." (source)

Because even if they search the crap out of her, we all know the missing diamond earrings and necklace were bartered for some high class crack cocaine at the corner of "Lost Career" and "Anorexia." Simple, gone, sold.

A rep for Elle says: "I can confirm on behalf of Elle magazine, that items of jewelry went missing from an Elle photo shoot two weeks ago and the matter is now being investigated by the police. Elle has no reason to believe that Lindsay Lohan was in any way responsible and has no further comment to make." (source)

You know Lindsay's secretly smiling about her master plan. This chick is going to be the next John Dillinger. Gosh, she's such a strategist. Maybe she can look into stealing some high calorie food from McDonalds. Now there's something she really needs.

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