Emma Watson back at oxford.

Feb 05th, 2012

Emma Watson back at oxford.
Emma Watson is said to be happy with her decision to take a break from studying at Browns University and instead taking some time to study at Oxford in the same part of England she grew up in and despite the fact that for now it looks like its all study, study, study for Emma does she have any exciting new projects in the works for this year? It sounds like it with Emma telling reporters; "I'm studying and really excited about my next projects," she said. "I can't really talk about them right now, but I am going to try and fit in some film projects next year in between school." (Quote 08/11)

How exciting! I can’t wait to see Watson try and break out of the role of Hermione granger it will certainly be a hard trick to pull off I mean every time I watch Love Actually now I can’t help but seeing Alan Rickman‘s character as professor Snape! I imagine it will be just as hard for the rest of thee cast especially Daniel Radcliffe who will I’m sure always be Harry Potter.

Wishing Watson the best of luck in both her studies and future projects! We love her!

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