Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Divorcing

Nov 18th, 2010

Note to self, if it doesn't work out with an average Joe who can't refrain himself from cheating, it's certainly not going to work with a professional basketball player or anyone in Hollywood for that matter. Yesterday we told you about Eva Longoria and Tony Parker possibly divorcing and now we know for sure that Eva is going through with it.

Multiple sources tell Us Weekly that Longoria Parker recently discovered that her husband has been exchanging personal texts with a mutual female friend for nearly a year - hundreds in just one month. She plans to file for divorce soon, sources tell Us.

"Eva is heartbroken by the betrayal," says one insider, adding that her husband confessed to the inappropriateness - which took place for nearly a year - after she confronted him. Adds another friend, "Once the trust was lost, the marriage was over."

Nonetheless, the decision to end one of Hollywood’s most affectionate and glamorous romances wasn't easy. "Eva truly thought she was going to grow old with Tony and have children with him," adds the pal. "She’s inconsolable."

Oh, he also was sexually texting with a teammate's wife...who is also going through a divorce. What a nice way to just really give your chick a low blow.

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