Everyone Hates Paris Hilton

Jun 28th, 2011

Paris Hilton, it's time to grow up. If you ask her former BFF, Nicole Richie, that's what she thinks anyway.

"Nicole [Richie], her former BFF and 'The Simple Life' co-star, told Paris she's a wife and mother now - and just doesn't have time for her," revealed an insider. "Nicole doesn't feel beholden to Paris anymore. And even though Kim [Kardashian] had mended fences with her one-time enemy, she didn't want anything to do with a Paris show - saying it would 'dilute her brand.' That's Kim-speak for not wanting to prop up a competitor."

"Paris is reaping what's she's sown," said the source. "She's treated friends shabbily for so long that no one wants to appear on her show. Paris seemed to have the world at her fingertips once - but today, she's a sad, lonely women!"


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