EXCLUSIVE!: Lisa Kudrow Is Heading To 'Cougartown'!

Oct 27th, 2009

Believe it! Looks like we're in for a semi-Friends reunion for Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox-Arquette!. And hopefully this is better than that God awful stint Jennifer Aniston gave her gal pal for Dirt a couple of years back. Lesbian kiss? More like family smooch, Jen & Court.

Lisa Kudrow Headed to Cougar Town?
by David Hochman

As the Friends theme song goes, “I’ll be there for you.” But who knew that meant “I’ll be there for you…even on a totally different show and network years and years from now?”

In a TV Guide Magazine exclusive, Courtney Cox reveals she’s trying to wrangle some of her old Friends to join her on Cougar Town, her new hit ABC sitcom about a hot mom entering the dating scene in her 40s.

First up: Lisa Kudrow. Though the ink isn’t quite dry on the contract, the Friend formerly known as Phoebe will likely guest star opposite Cox during November sweeps.

“If it all works out, she’ll play a dermatologist that my character can’t stop going to even though the doctor is mean to me.” Is it a Botox thing? The show’s writers are not exactly sure yet, says Cox, who’s also producing the show, “but whatever it is, she’s the best in town at what she does and I become addicted.”

Cox, meanwhile, is clearly addicted to her former NBC pals. “I did ask Matthew [Perry] if he’d play my boyfriend on the show,” she says, “but he thought it was a little too much after Chandler and Monica.” Then there’s Jennifer Aniston, whom Cox has remained closest with among the Friends stars. “I’d love for her to be on the show, too,” Cox says. “Obviously we can’t cast her so close to Lisa’s appearance but if there’s a great part for her, I’d send it right away. She’s younger than me so she can’t play my contemporary even though she did on Friends, but I think we can find something great for her to play.”

Cox and Aniston keep in close touch–“mostly by Blackberry,” Cox says–but she and Kudrow recently shared some face time together on stage.

“We just did a charity function for Feeding America,” a charity network of food banks, Cox says. “We were on stage introducing Sheryl Crow and had time to waste so we were sort of vamping. Somebody yelled out, ‘sing “Smelly Cat” from Friends.” So I got Lisa a guitar and she sang ‘Smelly Cat.’” I’ll be there for you indeed. (source)

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