EXCLUSIVE!: Megan Fox To Sign Contract With Breast Enhacement Company???

Nov 10th, 2009

While we believe everything on Megan Fox is already perfect, could our gal be signing a $1.5 Million contract with a breast enhancement company??? Sources close to us claim the following letter (seen in photos) was sent to Fox's agent this past Friday.

Our source claims:

I have a friend at ICM and this was sent to Megan Fox's agent on Friday. Not sure what the blurred out parts are. This was sent in via a fax according to my friend. Here's a link to the docs. It's a $1.5 million endorsement contract offer.

Regardless if this is what Meg's going for, selling out is a part of the job. And if it gets you a nice chunk of change, we can't see why it's so wrong for Meg to attach her name to it. Since when has home girl been a role model to young girls anyway? You heard it from us first! See the documents in our picture gallery.

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