Fergie Goes Topless For 'Allure' and We...Swoon? Puke?

Jun 18th, 2009

To all of our viewers out there, we need your help. Upon viewing these pictures of Fergie's new Allure magazine photo shoot, we didn't know if we should deem them hot or less than fresh. Sure, we all know she's got the killer bod and hottie husband, but what the H is going on in the face?

Call us mean, but we don't get it. We do, however, have to congratulate the photographer responsible for these pictures. He managed to cover up all of the flawed areas--ah hem her face to be specific.

Here’s Fergie using her hands for a bra in the July edition of Allure magazine. Now if this photoshoot proves anything, it’s that with the right lighting, going topless, and a very strong focus on her body, Fergie can look pretty damn hot sometimes. Oh c’mon, don’t you guys dare tell me that that you’re not going gaga over her right now! (source)

We wouldn't necessarily say gaga...we may have left off the last a.

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