Fergie Is Getting Sexier, Looks Like She Regrets Marrying Josh

Aug 01st, 2009

Fergie and Josh Duhamel seemed like the perfect couple. They couldn't get enough of each other. But it seems as though the honeymoon just might be over already.

Call us crazy, but these photos aren't exactly the most endearing. While it looks as though Josh is trying to cozy up to his new wife, Fergie seems to be in control...and aways ahead of him. If they were trying to show up the gossip mags to refute rumors about a troubled marriage, they failed horribly.

Is it possible that she's fed up with him pressuring her to go prego? Josh, Fergie is a successful rock star in the prime of her career, she's just not ready for a family right now. Capiche? But if you want our number, we're a go.

Be careful Josh. If you rub this vivacious chick the wrong way her humps will be on the next flight to single town.

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Lissamarie on 08/01/2009 @ 13:41

That picture is from a year ago before they got married. Fergie's hair isn't even blonde anymore. And BTW Josh and Fergie were both at a concert two nights ago that the Blackeyed peas did and she was all hugging and kissing him on the side of the stage whens he finished.

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