For $350K, You Could (Maybe-Sorta) Look Just Like Britney Spears!

Jun 03rd, 2009

Leave Britney Spears alone--except when it's rumored she spent $350K on her new revamped bod. Sure, this is the National Enquirer we're talking about here, but Brit Brit apparently dished for a bangin' body result.

And who can blame her if she did? Not too long ago, the blonde vixen's daily habits consisted of smashing cars with umbrellas and running amok on the Hollywood scene with her not so attractive friend hanging out for the world to see...and no, we don't mean Paris Hilton.

"Since July 2008, the 5-foot-5 singer has shed 30 pounds and dropped from a size 6 to a size 2. She also got a big head start by going under the knife, the source said. Britney had a mini tummy tuck, which costs about $4,500, and breast-lift surgery, which carries an $8,000 price tag, after her boys were born. She's also had numerous peels and facials for her acne-prone complexion."quote]

The article also claims that the pop diva dished out a good hunk of change on a home gym. Well, if she went to all of those doctors, that wouldn't make much sense. But maybe this is a nice present for ex-hubby Kevin Federline. With a KFC biscuit away from busting out of his pants, maybe the self-proclaimed K-Fed is indeed living large!

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